About Us

Meet Dan and Taylor, the passionate owners of Norway Kennels, where their love for animals, particularly dogs and cats, takes center stage. Having previously established a thriving dog grooming store, they’ve seamlessly transitioned into the world of comprehensive pet care. Their journey is fueled by a genuine dedication to providing a nurturing environment for furry friends. With a keen understanding of the unique needs of each pet, Dan and Taylor have transformed Norway Kennels into a haven where animals receive personalized attention and care. Their commitment to the well-being of dogs and cats extends beyond business; it’s a heartfelt mission that resonates in every aspect of their establishment, making Norway Kennels a place where pets not only stay but thrive.

My dog Teddybear and I have been with Julie and Norway Kennels for years. Ted was a shelter dog and came with some insecurities. When the time came that I needed a kennel, Norway Kennels was the place my friends recommended. Ted and I are now advocates for his home away from home, Norway Kennels! Ted receives great individualized care both physically and emotionally from Julie. Ted has become more confident and relaxed being away from home. He has “Vacationed” at Norway Kennels for a couple of days to a whole month! He always comes home a healthy, happy dog. Thank you, Norway Kennels, (a.k.a Julie) for caring for Ted as if he were your own.
Laurel Eichellraut